Gaan we in de toekomst door het leven als robot? Gaat AI nog meer van ons doen en laten bepalen? Om welke bezigheden en handelingen gaat het? En welke keuzes hebben we zodat we de aansturing naar onze hand kunnen zetten? In de “Be Your Own Robot” app wordt je geconfronteerd met de dilemma’s die een rol spelen in zo’n soort scenario.

Open de “Be Your Own Robot” web-app om deze apps hieronder hands-on te ervaren.



Hieronder per jaar een (speculatieve) opsomming van ontwikkelingen die invloed zullen gaan hebben op ons leven als semi-digitale wezens.

Per jaar ook alvast een voorproefje van de apps die je aantreft in de "Futurotheek". (de appstore die je aantreft in de "Be Your Own Robot" web-app)

YEAR: 2020

  • Apple launching AR wearable
  • Facebook, Snap and Amazon launching their AR wearables
  • Multiple competitors claim to be the prominent "AR cloud" for shared experiences
  • AR at work proves its value, devices finally being comfortable enough and having required battery life
Self improvement script: Behaviour Mentor
This app helps you find the right balance in your semi-digital life.
Let the AI controlling you take into consideration what your priorities are when it makes decisions for you.

☑ Being social
☑ Being efficient
☑ Being effective

YEAR: 2021

  • Public acceptance of AR wearables at turning point
  • AR wearable differentiation: light weight products for everyday use, heavy duty devices to wear for specific tasks, also AR wearables without a camera
  • Integration between QS sensor wearables and HUD (heads up display)
AR app: Game solving skills
Need a little help while playing a physical puzzle game? This AR app can help you!
Install the plug-ins below to add new skills to your library of game playing AR assistants.

☑ Human mode
Limit solving speed to simulate a regular human player?
☑ Skill: Rubik's Cube
Add skills to view augmented reality instructions when recognizing cube?

YEAR: 2022

  • AR wearables ready for always-on use
  • AR object-recognition as a service
  • Every recognizable object in the world has adaptive user-oriented tooltip
  • Marketplace for device independent AR functionality
  • Increase of illegal services such as unauthorized face recognition
Algorithm: Auto-configurator
Tired of the task to configure all your apps?
Let artificial intelligence do it for you.

☑ Suprise me! Randomize configuration choices?
☑ Receive weekly report of decisions made for you?

YEAR: 2023

  • AR wearable usage starts transition: from passive apps to more pro-active interference
  • Unbounded cloud-based scanning/tracking, user can be positioned and traced anywhere
  • AR wearables have become mainstream
  • AR fashion finally makes sense because there's a majority of people capable of seeing virtual outfits
app: Virus scanner
The software that controls you could be infected with a virus. Protect yourself!
Because people these days are semi-digital beings, the consequences of a virus, trojan or spyware are not what they used to be. Don’t risk the lock down of life-critical hardware or software.

☑ Personalize
After installing this software, teach it what is your regular behaviour, and what could be signs of irregular interventions, possibly caused by a virus.
Monitoring app: Time well spent
This app will monitor your activity to calculate your 'time well spent' rating, based on the insights of the Center for Humane Technology
Click activate to grant the app additional permissions to let it enforce you to maximize your 'time well spent'.

☑ Monitoring
Permissions required: monitoring activity, movement, camera, conversation transcripts
☑ Intervention
Permissions required: temporarily block or deinstall apps

YEAR: 2024

  • Influence of AR on day to day activities increasing
  • Marketplace for scripts enhancing people's augmented life
  • Virus attacks and data breaches are on the rise
AR app: Concentrate
With so many tasks automated, do you suffer from loss of concentration once in while?
This app installs a permanent concentration indicator in your Augmented Reality HUD (heads up display) based on data gathered from your Quantified Self sensors.

☑ Indicator
Hide indicator in HUD when concentration level is above hazard zone?
☑ Augmented Reality
Allow the app to add lively AR appearances in the world around you to raise your attention level when needed?
Extension: Mode switcher
Do you want to differentiate your AI depending on whether you're at home or at work?
Use this switcher extension to explicitly swap mode to prevent mix-up of activity tracing and analysis. Avoid training your AI in the wrong context.

☑ Location
Automatically detect area/location and switch mode?

YEAR: 2025

  • Some tasks or activities have become AR only, not accessible without AR wearable
  • Definition of AR API helps transfer services from one device/ecosystem to another
AR app: Tooltip
Make your life more efficient with tooltips appearing on all items deemed relevant to your ongoing activities.
With a continuous multi-angle scanning process in the background, this app will use the camerafeed of your AR wearable to scan and annotate your environment with tooltips.

YEAR: 2026

  • Most people have two AR wearables: one at work, one at home
app: Lost
Make your life more efficient with this app that helps you while searching for items lost in your house.
Using a permanent background scan of your surrounding this app will remember the last known location of any recognizable object in your house. Might even recover stuff that got hidden under another object, if occluding object has been scanned before occluding happened.

☑ Sharing
Share item location information with fellow users of your home/office?
☑ Help
Receive invites to join nearby people in their search, in case critical items are lost/missing?

YEAR: 2027

  • QOS (Quality of Service) differentiaton of AR software starts defining qualify of life
  • Extended configuration options to specify the amount of authority the device has controlling people's lives
: Outliner
Are you sometimes confused, not able to distinguish a real chair from a virtual one?
With this script every augmented reality object will be outlined with a white border.

☑ Visualisation
Instead of the default permanent outline, flash outline border shortly every 15 seconds?
app: GTD
The GTD app helps you to Get Things Done.
This app will intervene when it detects inconsistencies between the tasks in your agenda and your actual activity.

☑ Permission
Allow the app to re-schedule unfinished tasks?
☑ Configuration
Avoid procrastination?

YEAR: 2028

  • People will get used to live a scripted life, reacting on what their HUD instructs them to do
Script: Negotiate
Make use of the benefit of your and your bussiness partners' API and automate your negotiations.
Set your goals, define a range of acceptable outcomes and outsource this fuzzy human-like task to your virtual bot.

YEAR: 2029

  • The "human API" allows automatic scripted human-to-human arrangement of tasks
App: Debugger
Software with bugs can lead to unexpected outcomes or wrong commands.
This debugger will point at bugs in your activated scripts, if they carry the 'open source' label.

☑ Break
Halt scripts and receive a 'stop' command in your HUD when problems are detected?

YEAR: 2030

  • Half of our daily activities consists of managing multiple background bots supporting us with AI
Script: Limiter
Artificially limit your Artificial Intelligence?
The cloud makes you an ultra-smart being. But at times, you might be in a context where your smartness is unsuitable or simply too much. This script helps you to configure an artificial limit to your Artificial Intelligence.

☑ Errors
Let your scripts make deliberate errors and mistakes?

Naast de apps hierboven bestaat het scenario uit een groeiende verzameling losse interacties die zich zullen aandienen als er een aantal dagen verstreken zijn of als er een specifieke situatie optreedt. Het scenario heeft een open eind. De web-app is het best te omschrijven als een doorlopend participatief feuilleton. Eens per dag en naderhand eens per week is een prima interval.

Open in een mobiele browser en installeer de bovenstaande apps uit de Futurotheek app store om het interactieve scenario te starten.